DARJAVELLE is a family owned business, located south of the river in Perth, Western Australia. Its focus is to provide outdoor spaces of relaxation through creation, renovation, and rejuvination of existing spaces. This is achieved by combining electrical trade experience with small construction experience, and a passion for all things leafy green.

People find relaxation and enjoyment in many different ways. For some, it’s a shed, others a bird aviary, still others a decked patio with feature lighting. Others need a hand to get that unruly garden under control.

Quality materials for your project are sourced from reputable local and national suppliers. If necessary, custom made items can be organised to give your project the desired finish.

What ever your needs, give DARJAVELLE a call to discuss your next project, recieve a free quote, and take the next step towards creating that space you’ve always wanted.

Check out the type of work I do in Electrical, Sheds and Garden Reno’s.