Considering a renovation project? Building a new home? Upgrading your garden? Looking for a tradesman with a difference?

Darjavelle was created as a family based small business, located in Western Australia. Its purpose is to provide the community with services that are unique, affordable, and creative. With over 20 years experience in the Building and Construction Industry – Electrical, and with a passion for Horticulture I decided to combined the two industries and offer them as one service under the Darjavelle banner.

Australia is hungry for energy and the need for electricians with diverse skills is forever growing. At the same time, the need to disconnect from the busyness of life and to look after ones own mental health is also critical. So how can these two seemingly completely different things be offered as one service? The sound of water flowing over rocks, the mood lighting inside a gazebo, the reticulated herb garden growing outside the kitchen window. What do these have in common? The water flowing needs an electric pump; the gazebo needs power to run the lights; the reticulated garden needs an electrical control system.

I combine my electrical trade skills with my passion of creating green spaces of relaxation and reconnection. Bringing projects to life, seeing the hard work pay off and the satisfaction on clients faces, when concept becomes reality, is very rewarding. Give me a call. I’d love to have a conversation with you about the spaces you are wanting to create.