Garden Reno’s

Need a new garden bed? Require edging or retaining of existing gardens? Does your property need an uplift? Let DARJAVELLE fine tune your ideas and create what you imagined. Each of the projects below started as a want, an idea, a concept. DARJAVELLE will work with you to produce what YOU want.

Scope of works: Build a raised garden bed for herbs using recycled materials left over from previous building projects; Use antique tools and farm machinery as features; be functional, accessible, and contain a pond.

Scope of works: Remove white river rock; supply and install hedging plants that will eventually provide a green border against the brick fence; Improve the soil with fertilizer and turn over soil to aerate after many years under weed matting; keep costs low.

Syzyguim australe Winter Lights from @benaranurseries provided the perfect balance of green, hedge, and cost.

Scope of works: Provide an enclosure that can contain multiple cats whilst providing a comfortable grassed area; allow for the future installation of an awning over the door.

The awning corner post was included in the initial build to reduce the work required for the awning installation. This portion of the property now has a cleaner, cooler and more aesthetic look.

The cost of completing projects is always a consideration for clients. Occasionally completing a project in stages is the preferred option.

Scope of works: Use modular decking panels to achieve a boardwalk effect alongside the house; install 2 panels per fortnight until project is completed.

Need more space to park extra cars, rubbish bins, bicycles? Occasionally a garden bed has to be sacrificed for the greater peace of mind.

Scope of works: Provide more space for parking.

Where one garden is sacrificed, another can be created.

Scope of works: Install a small limestone block retaining wall as a border for a newly created garden bed; reduce erosion.

Now the garden has a stylish border and the soil is not being eroded away when it rains.